Reporting accurate values is critical to a successful trade compliance program.  Valuation is complicated, dynamic and high risk.   Mastering valuation is a high priority and high value skill.   The experts at Zisser understand the different valuation options and the many adjustments to value.  Come learn their simple and easy to understand approach to this complicated topic.


Customs Valuation 101

(60 min webinar)

January 20th at 11am PST


January 21st at 2pm PST

(Choose one date)

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Learn valuation with our 5 methods to value your imports and 5 adjustments to value.

5 methods for valuation:​​​​​​

  • Transaction value

  • Transaction value of similar merchandise

  • Deductive value

  • Computed value 

  • Other methods

5 adjustments to value:​​​​​​

  • Assists

  • Royalty or license fees

  • Packing costs

  • Commissions

  • Post-import adjustments


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