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Our Methodology

The Challenge: 

Too often, trade compliance training is:

• Frustrating

• Disappointing

• Irrelevant

• Disconnecting

• Worthless

• Disengaging

• A waste of time


The Solution:

At Masters Method, we made a commitment to help students and companies get better results by changing the way training is organized and delivered. Our innovative training is a completely engaging experience and creates the feeling of higher satisfaction, relevance, and worth. We’re proud to offer what we think is the very best way to teach trade compliance skills.


Using our unique method, we deliver:

1.    High value, visual content

2.    Targeted engagement activities

3.    Memory triggers for long-term retention

4.    A high enjoyment factor

5.    Leveraged influence

6.    Team building

7.    Measured student achievements

8.    Easy to implement job aids and tools for long term application

9.   Next steps for continuing education and post-training engagement


How we do it:

1.  Chunking and organizing complex information into easily understood steps

2.   Consistency and sequencing of information

3.   Hands-on activities

4.   Prizes and competitions

5.   Fun laughing breaks

6.   Testing throughout

7.   A supportive and motivating classroom environment



We’ve thought of everything to help you be a success with this unique and highly effective learning style! 

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