Same proven global classification process

We teach a proven and legally sound classification process specially designed by legal professionals that is simple to use and easy to apply. In our 4-day virtual training you will learn a completely new and simple to use method to classify quickly accurately and with total confidence. We also promise a global classification process that you can use anywhere in the world, over-and-over again to classify virtually any item, product or part.

Same interactive and highly engaging training experience

We have transformed our 2-Day in-person training to a 4 Half-Day virtual training. Each training session includes hands-on activities, real-life practice exercises, testing and fun. We understand that on-line training and working from home is different.  Unlike any other training program, Masters Method is designed by education professionals to actively engage, prevent burnout and on-line fatigue.

Virtual Training Platform

We utilize Zoom Conferencing software for an intimate and interactive training session, using both video and audio.  Students will utilize Zoom Chat features for immediate questions and Zoom Breakout Rooms for many fun team/group activities.

Real Hands-On Learning with Real Hands-on Material

Prior to each training, all students will receive a special Masters Method "Training Activity & Materials Box” sent to their home or office address the week prior to the training. Each Day Students will engage in Activities that require the use of webcam, a microphone, and headphones. Please ensure your laptop/ computer has the right accessories so that you can fully engage in the training. 

Training Schedule

All Trainings are scheduled Tuesday through Friday. Each live training session will begin at 8:00am PST and finish at about 12:00pm PST. There will be one 20-minute break during each session. Each day will include various activities, group break-out sessions, testing and other fun surprises. 

Who should attend

Trade Compliance Professionals, Import/Export Team Members, Customs Brokers, Buyers, Engineers and Customer Service.  Whether you are a 20-year veteran or a brand-new classifier we guarantee an entirely new method and skill to quickly and accurately classify with consistency and confidence.

Our HTS Classification Training is the most popular training of its kind in the world! Over 3,000 trade and logistics professionals, engineers and buyers from virtually every industry have already experienced a Masters Method training. In 4 days, we will teach you the skill to classify with a proven and legally-sound 8-step method. After the class we promise classification accuracy, efficiency and confidence.    Practiced, tested, and ready to implement!

After this training, students will have the skill and confidence to…

  • Use a legally sound and proven method to classify any product in the HTS with accuracy, consistency and confidence

  • Correctly classify finished goods, parts, subassemblies, incomplete articles, composite goods, and sets

  • Understand the layout and structure of each HTS Chapter to simplify and speedup the data gathering and collection process

  • Understand the language of the HTS, including key words and punctuation, to help you quickly target the most relevant product data elements.

  • Build a Customs approved invoice description to prevent shipping delays, easy identification of items and fewer questions from government authorities

  • Use, apply and understand the section and chapter notes in five easy steps

  • Quickly identify and classify simple items with total confidence

  • Identify and research complex items and how to use the various legal resources (CROSS, Explanatory Notes, etc.)

  • When and how to get a ruling from Customs

  • How to correctly document, support and legally defend each classification using our Masters Method Defender’s Tool

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HTS Classification Training 

HTS Classification 4 Half-Day Virtual Training Details

What you will learn

2022 HTS Class Schedule 

  • 4 Half-Day Virtual HTS Training (December 2022) with Masters Method
    Dec 06, 8:00 AM – Dec 09, 12:00 PM
    Zoom Call
    Learn the proven Masters Method 8-Step HTS Classification Method!

Last day to register: November 22