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Your company gets: reduce costs, save money, increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, strategic sourcing, and a competitive edge

You get: high-demand skills, transferable skills, a resume builder, higher confidence, and a competitive edge

Free Trade Agreements Certification Course

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After this training, students will have the skill to:

Why Attend?

  • Spot the 19 FTA options

  • Apply the 4 Masters Method FTA Qualifying Methods 

  • Identify and decode the 11 types of Tariff Shift Rules among 3 groups

  • Determine if your product qualifies via Tariff Shift

  • Assemble the MM FTA Tariff Shift BOM

  • Use Origin only when tariff shift fails

  • Identify the critical components for any product

  • Assemble the MM FTA Origin BOM 

  • Use De minimis and qualify for FTAs

  • Assemble the MM FTA De minimis BOM 

  • Apply Regional Value Content 

  • Calcluate RVC using our top-down method

  • Assemble the MM FTA De minimis BOM 

  • Apply Regional Value Content 

  • Calcluate RVC using our top-down method

  • Assemble the MM FTA RVC BOM 

  • Locate your qualifying rule of origin, chapter to chapter, heading to heading

  • Prepare and validate FTA Master Certificates of Origin

  • Request and validate FTA Vendor Certificates of Origin

  • Prepare and deliver customer requested Certificates of Origin

  • Defend your FTA claims with confidence

Who will benefit?

Trade Compliance professionals, US Customs Brokers, Customer Service, Buyers, Sales, Etc.

About the Class

10-hours of on-line on-demand training, broken down into 11 learning modules, bundled into one low price, that you can complete on your own schedule, anytime, anywhere. The training is a combination of video training modules, activities, and testing to help you learn and remember our method. 

Materials Included 

  • Free Trade Agreement Training Notebook

  •  Flows and Tools

  • Printable activities

  • Certificate of FTA Mastery

Steven Zisser, Esq. is an International Trade Attorneys and the creator of Masters Method, the HTS and export classification method used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies around the world and the industry standard in trade compliance. Now, he’s expanding his training topics to help you in all other areas of your job so you can grow your skills and be even more confident in your work! 

Our Master Trainer

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Company has the right to terminate individual training module access once the student has completed the model and passed the test 

Company has the right to terminate training video access once the student has completed the the training and downloaded the certificate, or 30 days have passed, whichever comes first. User agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the Company’s Confidential Information. For the purposes of these Terms of Service, the term “Confidential Information” means all portions of the Services. The contents of the website, the Programs and the Materials provided to you, whether directly or indirectly by the Publisher are intended for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not download or copy the Materials for any purposes. Any copying or storing of any content of the publications for any other purpose requires prior, written authorization directly and exclusively from the Publisher.

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General Terms Conditions

Price:     $795.00

(Covers all 11 Training Modules + Course Workbook)     

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