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HTS Topics

The #1 skill in worldwide trade compliance.  Whether you import or export anywhere in the world, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) is the exclusive method for categorizing virtually every product and commodity, including finished goods, parts, subassemblies and kits.  The HTS is also the foundation for Free Trade Agreement (FTA) qualification and country of origin determinations. Masters Method has developed the world most popular HTS training program.  Over 2,000 trade professionals from virtually every industry have already experienced a Masters Method training.   Our proven 8-step process is simple to use, easy to apply and consistently delivers the most accurate HTS classifications.





HTS Classification

(60 min webinar)

June 1st at 11am PST


June 2nd at 2pm PST

(Choose one date)

Grow your HTS skills with Masters Method!

The nations leading experts in trade compliance will share their world famous HTS classification method, used by thousands of trade compliance professionals.  

Introduction to our 8-Step Classification Method and why every importer and exporter should have one.

  • All GRIS’s: Parts Rule, Finished Good Rule, Incomplete Rule, Set Rule

  • Location and navigating all 97 Chapters 

  • Section and Chapter Notes (Exclusions, Inclusions, Redirect, Rule, Definition)

  • HTS Coding, asking the right questions 

  • And much more!

Classification of Parts

(90 min webinar)

June 8th at 11am PST


June 9th at 2pm PST

(Choose one date)

Masters Method will share our exclusive and famous Masters Method approach covering the HTS Classification of parts, components, and subassemblies. We’ll show you how to break down your “world” of parts and feed them through our Parts Rule. We will walk you through our entire Parts Classification process, including:


How to identify a part vs. a finished good

  • The 3 step rule for every part classification, including EO Parts, Parts of Articles, and Other Parts

  • Classification of subassemblies by name and by function 

  • BONUS: Learn and remember with real hands-on practice activities

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