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Free Trade Agreements

Whether you import or export Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are one of the best ways to reduce costs, save money and increase sales.  The United States currently has 20 FTA partners, including Mexico, Canada, Korea and Australia to name a few.  While FTA’s are complicated the experts at Zisser will break it down into simple and easy to under methods, including qualification and documentation.  We offer the most complete FTA training ever presented.


Free Trade Agreements101

(60 min webinar)

August 24th at 11am PST 


August 25th at 2pm PST

(Choose one date)

Learn an overview of our Masters Method 4-step process to save money, reduce costs, and defend your FTA claims, including: 

  • How to spot potential FTA opportunities

  • How to qualify for an FTA

  • How to document your FTA

  • How to claim your FTA

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