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Build a safer and more secure global supply chain with these government sponsored certification programs.  Whether you import or export, CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Again Terrorism) in the United States or CTPAT equivalent programs in other countries (AEO, PIP, etc.) is the best way to achieve priority processing, faster shipments, fewer cargo examinations and customer driven supply chain security requirements.  CTPAT certification has become the gold standard for protecting your shipments, your facilities, your employees and your customers.  With over 15 years of experience, the supply chain security experts at Zisser have supported over 800 supply chain security engagements, including enrollments, validations and maintenance programs.  No other team in the country has more experience with CTPAT. Join one of our CTPAT webinars to learn proven strategies and easy to use methods for developing and maintaining a successful supply chain security program.



CTPAT 2020 MSC Management

(60 min webinar)

August 19th at 11am PST
August 20th at 2pm PST

(Choose one date)

The nation’s leading experts in supply chain security will share their top 5 CTPAT management strategies. As a bonus, we’ll share our business partner education program!

Topics Covered:

  • External cargo management

  • Internal cargo management 

  • Physical security

  • CBP relationships

  • Updating your CTPAT portal


New 2020 CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria

(60 min webinar)

August 18th at 11am PST
August 25th at 2pm PST

(Choose one date)

CTPAT changed by over 50 percent.  Are you ready?

The nation’s leading experts in supply chain security will share their top strategies on how to implement the new  and upgraded CTPAT minimum security requirements to your current CTPAT program.


Topics Covered:

  • Overview of 2020 CTPAT Program Changes:

  • New Criteria:

       Security Vision and Responsibility


      Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

      Social Compliance & Forced Labor

      Agricultural Contaminants

  • Upgraded Criteria:

      Risk Assessment

      Business Partners

      Seal Security

      Procedural (Shipping/Receiving)

      Education, Training & Awareness

  • Top Strategies on how to prepare and implement the 2020 CTPAT MSC

  • US Customs CTPAT member expectations

Be ready for a CTPAT Validation!

Be ready for a customer/business partner validation!

Be ready for a post-incident assessment!

As leading experts in CTPAT, we will share our detailed CTPAT Management/Maintenance strategies and portal update requirements that meet and exceed US Customs expectations, including the following tools and forms:

  • Risk assessment tools

  • Internal audit tools

  • External audit tools

  • Data logs (i.e. business partners, drivers, etc.)

  • Training elements

  • Maintenance schedule


CTPAT 2020 MSC Management Tools 

(90 min Webinar)

August 26th at 11am PST
August 27th at 2pm PST

(Choose one date)

CTPAT 2020 MSC Validation Tools

(90 min webinar)

Sept. 2nd at 11am PST
Sept. 3rd at 2pm PST

(Choose one date)

Be ready for a CTPAT Validation!

Be ready for a customer/business partner validation! 

Be ready for a Post-Incident Assessment! 

Be prepared for a validation or revalidation with our 5-step validation process to help you achieve success!

   1. CBP Data/ data requests

   2. Validation presentation

   3. Mock validation 

   4. Validation logistics 

   5. Validation report response 

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