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Chapter 98's

Chapter 98’s are among the most popular duty reduction programs available to U.S. importers.  There are over a dozen different 98 options, all designed to reduce cost and save money.  Join one of our webinars and learn simple ways to identify, use and apply the different Chapter 98 programs.

The Amazing 98's

(90 minute webinar)

June 8th at 2pm PST


June 9th at 11am PST

(Choose one date)

We’ll introduce you to the opportunity of the 98’s and share our 4-step 98’s process to spot, qualify, document, and claim your 98’s and reduce costs. Learn: 

Topics Covered

  • How to spot potential chapter 98 opportunities. Learn how to use origin, 15+ different production processes, and physical movements to spot 98’s opportunities

  • How to qualify for the most popular 98’s claims, including 9801 and 9802

  • How to document your 98’s claim using our US customs approved documentation process

  • How to report and claim your 98’s

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