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Auditing Mexican Operations

Trust but verify. Whether you import or export the only way to know your level of compliance for sure is through regular and systematic auditing. Understanding and targeting core areas of trade compliance is critical to a successful and beneficial audit. The experts at Zisser have successfully handled hundreds of audits and they will share their step-by-step audit approach, including risk assessments, targeting, transaction testing and recommended next steps.

Auditing Mexican Operations

(60 min webinar)

August 31st at 2pm PST


September 1st at 11am PST

(Choose one date)


How to effectively audit your manufacturing operations in Mexico. Is your manufacturing operation in Mexico compliant with Mexican Customs? Are you sure? Learn from the experts at Zisser Group as they share their effective seven point audit strategy, including:


  • Top 15 risk areas

  • Data evaluation and team member interviews

  • Identify and quantify the errors

  • Calculate potential penalties and fines

  • Rectifications

  • A corrective action plan

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