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Export Classification Training

Our Export Classification training teaches how to classify with the ECCN and USML and how to use the new Export Control Reform rules. We will teach you the skill to classify. We are the only proven, legally-sound method based training out there! We will use our 7-step method to help you classify with efficiency and confidence as soon as the training is over. Walk out practiced, tested, and ready to implement!


A Total Experience

We deliver a total experience where students can grab concepts, remember what they learn, and have fun. We have lots of hands-on activities and prizes! We provide all the materials you need, so just come ready to learn.


Who should attend?

Everyone, 20-year veterans or new classifiers who don’t know export classification, will learn a whole new method!


After this training, students will confidently be able to…

  • Use a legally sound and proven method to classify in the USML and ECCN with confidence and accuracy

  • Understand the language and layout of the USML and ECCN

  • Use notes to make sure they’re classifying in the correct place

  • Correctly determine if a product should be classified in the USML or the ECCN

  • Understand US Export Control Reform and the impact on jurisdiction

  • Apply Export Control Reform to determine which articles move out of the USML and into the ECCN

  • Correctly document and legally defend their classifications using our Masters Method Defender Tool

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